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How To Avoid Fraud

Watch out for moving company fraud and scams as you look for the best packers and movers. People planning to move are worried because dishonest moving companies are committing more and more scams and frauds. If you’re not worried about this, you should be, because it’s a big deal.

•         It was checked that all the paperwork was real.

Let’s say you’re looking for reliable packers and movers or are choosing a moving company. If so, check the company’s official paperwork (such as GST registration certificate, company establishment paperwork, and PAN card).

•         Hiring packers and movers who the IBA has approved is important.

You don’t have to waste time researching or asking around because the Indian Better Business Bureau has approved a lot of good packers and movers.

•         Go to where they work.

Always go with a company whose registered office is in a real place. Also, going to the packers’ offices and movers’ offices will make you feel better. You can also check out their facilities and see how they treat our clients.

•         Avoid! Transactions with money

The movers and packers need to be paid in cash. If you hire someone and give them a big deposit, there is a chance that they will run away with your money.

•         Requests for inspiring quotes should always be made in writing or through electronic means.

You have every right to ask in writing for inspiring quotes. It will keep your moving company from charging you extra later. By law, you and the moving company must follow the terms of the written moving estimate.

•         Visit the official website of Movers and Packers to find out more.

Before you sign a contract with a moving company, you must check out their website. You can find an address or phone number on their site. If you don’t have this information, you have good reason to think a packers and movers company is trying to scam you.

•         Reviews and rankings that are not very good

One easy way to avoid getting ripped off by a fake moving company is to read reviews on Google from people who have used their services. There are a lot of websites that will give you useful information to help you avoid getting ripped off by packers and movers.

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